The research in the field of labor economics is concerned with explaining the process of job search and the matching of workers and employers. Empirical studies focus on public policies aiming at stimulating job search. These policies include labor market institutions such as benefits and employment protection legislation, and active labor market policies such as benefits sanctions, re-employment bonuses, job search assistance and monitoring. For the empirical evaluation of these policies either extensive administrative data or data from randomized experiments are used. 

Research in this area

Employment protection, technology choice, and worker allocation, P. Gautier, E. Bartelsman, J. de Wind, International Economic Review (forthcoming)

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Selected contributions to policy

De arbeidsmarkteffecten van het verkorten van de maximale WW-duur, N. de Groot en B. van der Klaauw, Economisch Statistische Berichten 2015

Onderzoek naar effectiviteit inzet re-integratieinstrumenten DWI, J. Bolhaar, N. Ketel, B. van der Klaauw, Onderzoeksrapport 2014

Medisch specialisten profiteren van kunstmatige schaarste aan artsen, N. Ketel, B. van der Klaauw, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, MeJudice 2012

Researchers working in this area

bas smallBas van der Klaauw (Professor, VU University)

erikplug2 smallErik Plug (Professor, University of Amsterdam)

pietergautier smallPieter Gautier (Professor, VU University)

hessel smallHessel Oosterbeek (Professor, University of Amsterdam)

maarten-lindeboom smallMaarten Lindeboom (Professor, VU University)

jonnekebolhaar smallJonneke Bolhaar (Researcher, VU University)

patrickhullegie smallPatrick Hullegie (Researcher, VU University)


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