The research in the field of health economics focuses on the early childhood, and the provision of health care. Longitudinal data covering long periods are use to study the importance on the economic conditions during the early childhood on later life health outcomes. When studying the provision of health care, the focus is on selection and moral hazard in health insurances and long-term care. Policy interventions such as intensifying the role of a gatekeeper are studied using randomized experiments. 

Research in this area

The Rise and Fall of Disability Enrollment in the Netherlands, P. Koning, M. Lindeboom, Journal of Economic Perspectives (forthcoming).

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Selected contributions to policy

Proeftuin onderzoek `meten is weten', S. Vriend, M. Lindeboom, Onderzoeksrapport 2013

Medisch specialisten profiteren van kunstmatige schaarste aan artsen, N. Ketel, B. van der Klaauw, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, MeJudice 2012

Researchers working in this area

bas smallBas van der Klaauw (Professor, VU University)

maarten-lindeboom smallMaarten Lindeboom (Professor, VU University)

jonnekebolhaar smallJonneke Bolhaar (Researcher, VU University)

patrickhullegie smallPatrick Hullegie (Researcher, VU University)


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