Maarten Lindeboom is Professor of Economics at VU University Amsterdam. He studied econometrics at Free University of Amsterdam and graduated in 1986. He received his Ph.D. at Leiden University in 1992. Maarten held positions at Leiden University and at Tilburg University. His research interests are Health and Labor economics, in particular issues related to Health and Work, ,The Determinants of Later Life Mortality. Among others he has published in American Economic Review the Economic Journal, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Applied Econo- metrics, Demography, Journal of the European Economic Association Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (series A & B) and Journal of Human Resources.

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Phone: +31 20 5983941
Location: VU, 7A-22

Selected publications

The Rise and Fall of Disability Enrollment in the Netherlands, P. Koning, M. Lindeboom, Journal of Economic Perspectives (forthcoming).

The impact of Early Life Economic Conditions on Cause Specfic Mortality During Adulthood, G. Yeung, G. van den Berg, M. Lindeboom, F. Portrait, Journal of Population Economics 2014

A Dynamic Analysis of the Demand of Health Insurance and Health Care, J. Bolhaar, M. Lindeboom, B. van der Klaauw, European Economic Review 2012

Screening Disability Insurance Applications, Ph. de Jong, M. Lindeboom, B. van der Klaauw, Journal of the European Economic Association  2011

Conjugal Bereavement Effects on Health and Mortality at Advanced Ages, G. van den Berg, M. Lindeboom, F. Portrait, Journal of Health Economics 2011

The Role of Early-life Conditions in the Cognitive Decline due to Adverse Events later in Life, G. van den Berg, D. Deeg, M. Lindeboom, F. Portrait, The Economic Journal 2010

Long-Run Effects on Longevity of a Nutritional Shock Early in Life: The Dutch Potato Famine of 1846-1847, M. Lindeboom, F. Portrait, G. van den Berg, Journal of Health Economics 2010

Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Schooling Reform, M. Lindeboom, A. Llena-Nozal, B. van der Klaauw, Journal of HealtEconomics 2009

Conditions Early in Life and Individual Mortality, G. van den Berg, M. Lindeboom, F. Portrait, American Economic Review 2006

The Effect of Work on Mental Health: Does Occupation Matter?, M. Lindeboom, A. Llena-Nozal, B. van der Klaauw, Health Economics 2004

Retirement Behaviour of Dutch Elderly Households, M. Mastrogiacomo, R. Alessie, M. Lindeboom, Journal of Applied Econometrics 2004

Selected contributions to policy

Proeftuin onderzoek `meten is weten', S. Vriend, M. Lindeboom, Onderzoeksrapport 2013


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