Hessel Oosterbeek is Professor of Economics of Education at Amsterdam School of Economics of the University of Amsterdam, and is one of the program managers of TIER-UvA. He has a Master and PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. His research interests relate to economics of education, development economics and impact evaluation. His research is mostly empirical. Recent examples include long-term effects of class size, gender differences in study choices, and financial returns to medical school. Hessel Oosterbeek’s research has been published in various journals, including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Labor Economics, the Economic Journal and the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Personal webpage: http://oosterbeek.economists.nl/


Contact details

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +31 20 5254242
Location: UvA, E6.25

Selected publications

Gender, Competitiveness and Career Choices, T. Buser, M. Niederle, H. Oosterbeek, Quarterly Journal of Economics 2014

The impact of training vouchers on low-skilled workers, H. Oosterbeek, D. Hidalgo, D. Webbink, Labour Economics 2014

Gender peer effects in university: Evidence from a randomized experiment, H. Oosterbeek, R. van Ewijk, Economics of Education Review 2014

Long-Term Effects of Class Size, P. Fredriksson, B. Ockert, H. Oosterbeek, Quarterly Journal of Economics 2013

The Effects of Medical School on Health Outcomes: Evidence from Admission LotteriesE. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, I. de Wolf, Journal of Health Economics 2013

Ramadan Fasting and Educational Outcomes, H. Oosterbeek, B. van der Klaauw, Economics of Education Review 2013 

The Role of Information in the Take-up of Student Loans, A. Booij, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, Economics of Education Review 2012

Incentives versus Sorting in Tournaments: Evidence from a Field Experiment, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek,J. Sonnemans, B. van der Klaauw, Journal of Labor Economics 2011 

The Effects of Financial Rewards on Students' Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, B. van der Klaauw, Journal of the European Economic Association 2010 

An Alternative Approach to Estimate the Wage Returns to Private-sector Training, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, Journal of Applied Econometrics 2008 

The Effect of Extra Funding for Disadvantaged Pupils on Achievement, E. Leuven, M. Lindahl, H. Oosterbeek, D. Webbink, The Review of Economics and Statistics 2007

Selected contributions to policy

Schoolkeuze Voortgezet Onderwijs in Amsterdam: Resultaten van een Simulatiestudie, P. Gautier, M. de Haan, B. van der Klaauw, H. Oosterbeek, Onderzoeksrapport 2014

Schoolkeuze Voortgezet Onderwijs in Amsterdam: Resultaten van een Enquête, P. Gautier, M. de Haan, B. van der Klaauw, H. Oosterbeek, Onderzoeksrapport 2013

Medisch specialisten profiteren van kunstmatige schaarste aan artsen, N. Ketel, B. van der Klaauw, E. Leuven, H. Oosterbeek, MeJudice 2012


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